Kitchen Countertops

kitchen-modern-03A countertop has a significant impact on the overall tone and style of a kitchen. A beautiful new kitchen countertop can be the finishing touch on a remodel, or an easy way to quickly spruce up the look of your existing kitchen. Kitchen countertops come in a wide variety of materials and colors, and Elite Kitchens has a large selection of countertops that can easily fulfill your needs and taste.

Elite Kitchens is a top kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. area, including Chevy Chase, Rockville, and Tysons Corner. Our complete showroom displays our wide variety of countertop options with kitchen vignettes, and samples of all products and materials are available to help you choose the right countertop for your kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Options

Granite Countertops

kitchen-friedson-03Natural granite stone is a highly demanded kitchen countertop material, and there is no denying the stunning appearance. Second only to diamond in terms of natural hardness, granite’s mineral-rich colors, durability, and density make it and ideal choice for high-traffic surfaces such as kitchen counters. A broad range of elegant patterns and colors makes granite the most versatile of all stones. It is heat and stain-resistant and very difficult to chip, making it the most “maintenance-free” of all stone countertop options.

An impeccable granite surface is easy to maintain with adequate attention, surface sealing and following appropriate care instructions. When properly installed and sealed by Elite Kitchens’ expert kitchen design team, and with suitable maintenance, your new granite kitchen countertop will be the last countertop you ever need.

Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your granite kitchen countertops looking new. Avoid abrasive cleaners or those with strong, acidic cleaning agents, as they may wear down the protective sealant. Opt for mild cleaners and cloths designed specifically for granite surfaces. While granite countertops are heat-resistant, letting pots cool on the cooktop and using trivets for hot dishes can help to prevent possible damage such as cracking. Occasional resealing treatments are recommended to avoid staining and to protect your countertops from severe damage.

Quartz Countertops

kitchen-rosen-06Quartz kitchen countertops have all the advantages of natural stone including durability, hardness, and beauty, but with added benefits from quality engineering. Engineered quartz countertops are easier to maintain than natural stone. They are not porous so will not house bacteria, and they do not need to be sealed like granite countertops do. Quartz countertops are available in a wider range of colors than granite, are lower-maintenance and more durable.

Quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder, giving it the appearance of natural stone. The resin binder reinforces the strength of the countertop, making it more chip and scratch resistant than solid surface alternatives. Quartz is non-porous due to its engineering, therefore the surface will not collect contaminants such as viruses and bacteria that can be harbored in the pores of natural stone.  It does not need to be sealed, thus it is easier to maintain and will never stain. If you love the style and benefits of natural stone but want kitchen counters that will not require the same level of care, quartz kitchen countertops are a terrific alternative.

Wood Countertops

The beauty and warmth of natural wood is very appealing to homeowners and their guests. If you enjoy working in the kitchen, you’ll love the functional preparation and direct chopping surface of wood countertops. Wood also delivers a stunning and luxurious appearance, and will prove an asset to your kitchen remodel if you are crafting a traditional look.

Wooden countertops can be used throughout your kitchen or in conjunction with other surfaces such as quartz and granite. For example, you may choose to include a work island with a butcher block countertop, while the remaining countertops are made from another material. The natural beauty of wood effortlessly compliments other natural surfaces and offers flexibility in your remodeling options.

The construction and performance of solid wood versus butcher block countertops cater to different lifestyles and kitchen designs. Solid wood countertops are constructed with whole pieces of wood and deliver a striking appearance, but are more prone to show scratches from knife marks than butcher block surfaces. Butcher block countertops are crafted from wood pieces of differing colors, brought together to form a complimentary and attractive pattern. You can cut and prepare food directly on any wood countertop, and after years of use can they be sanded and resealed to make them look new again.

Wood and butcher block kitchen countertops go well with a wide variety of cabinetry, flooring, and other kitchen décor. They are easy to clean, and do not suffer from cracking or chipping like natural stone. Wood countertops require periodic resealing over the years to prevent warping, and regularly treating your wood countertop with a food safe mineral oil will maintain a beautiful surface for years to come.

Contact us to learn more about your kitchen countertop options, or view countertops in our kitchen design showroom or our kitchen remodeling portfolio.


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