Bathroom Vanities

Small Bathroom VanityBathroom vanities come in an array of beautiful designs, including antique effect, country style and contemporary, and can be used with great effect to influence the character of your bathroom. Therefore, bathroom vanities are often the central element of any bath remodeling project.

With a complete showroom of bathroom designs and samples of all products and materials, Elite Kitchens has been serving the Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. area, including Kensington, Vienna and Chevy Chase, for over 20 years.  Elite Kitchens is the region’s leader in kitchen and bath remodeling.

There are plenty of choices available when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity and you’re limited only by the size of your bathroom and your budget. From simple to ornate, functional to artistic, there’s literally something for everyone’s taste.

Before you make any firm decisions however, take some time to understand the different types of bathroom vanities:

Single Bathroom Vanities

An ideal choice for small bathrooms and guest bathrooms, a single vanity is the most straightforward type. It is commonly comprised of a single mirror and sink, over some type of storage space.

Pedestal Style

A pedestal, or free standing sink takes very little space, is extremely utilitarian and looks clean and contemporary at the same time. There are many designs of pedestal sinks and it can fit in almost any bathroom, regardless of its shape and size.

Floating Wall-Mounted Sink

A wall-mounted sink has no pedestal or undercabinets, rather it juts directly from the wall. A wall-mounted sink looks great and can save substantial space in a small bathroom.

Free Standing Vanities

A bold free standing vanity can make a dramatic statement and immediately injects personality in a bathroom space. Like a piece of furniture with function, a free standing bathroom vanity offers the utility of a pedestal sink with the generous countertop and cabinet space for your essential items. Free standing vanities are available with either single or double sinks, so it is not difficult to understand why this is a popular choice for bathroom remodels.

Double Bathroom Vanities

Think about using a double sink vanity if room allows and the bathroom has multiple users. Although a larger single sink vanity has lots of countertop space, two sinks improve a bathroom’s efficiency while still providing ample space on the vanity top.

Styles of Bathroom Vanities

Whether you choose a pedestal sink or double sink vanity, the style of the vanity can complement the overall theme of bathroom or make a bold statement. Elite Kitchens offers bathroom vanities in several beautiful styles.


Antique style bathroom vanities may not be antique in age, but their traditional beauty is inspired by classic designs and styles. Traditional craftsmanship is highlighted with these types of vanities as they contain ornately carved facades and details. Antique bathroom vanities combine high end woods and vintage details with modern design to offer function and beauty that commands attention.


Contemporary vanities are more modern in design and are preferred for the forward-thinking homeowner as they provide stylish character and appeal. The key to incorporating a contemporary bathroom vanity into your space is to ensure all fixtures and furnishings in your bathroom blend with your vanity rather than work against it.


Transitional bathroom vanities are the perfect medium between these two extremes. They may feature the rich natural wood tones of traditional bathrooms, but they also offer a more restrained, subdued, and modern character. The cabinetry detailing is usually minimal and linear.

View vanity styles in our bathroom remodeling portfolio or contact us today to schedule a consultation at our bathroom design showroom.


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