Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen-zander-05Cabinets are where style and function meet to lay the foundation of your kitchen design. The layout, materials, and aesthetic of your kitchen cabinets define the look and feel of your space. Cabinetry is an integral part of any kitchen remodel, but selecting the right design to suit your vision can be daunting.

For over 20 years Elite Kitchens has been a premier kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. area, including Potomac, Arlington, and Bethesda. Our staff of experienced designers and tradesmen partner with homeowners throughout the remodeling process – from individual kitchen design to complete assembly – to create beautiful and functional workspaces.

Our Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Leicht Kitchen Cabinets

Elite Kitchens is the region’s only certified kitchen cabinet contractor and dealer of premium Leicht cabinets, Germany’s #1 manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry. Leicht cabinetry is built on clean lines, a clear form language, and offers a range of modern styles and finishes. With Leicht’s innovative planning components and flexible modules, your kitchen will be developed to suit your own personal vision.

Mouser Kitchen Cabinets

Timeless designs and fine craftsmanship are characteristic trademarks that set Mouser Cabinetry apart from all others.  We believe Mouser’s commitment to producing superior cabinetry delivers the best in value and quality. Mouser’s traditional-style cabinets are custom-crafted from the finest select woods, then finished with a 17-step process that includes oven-cured catalyzed sealers and topcoat. Mouser cabinetry showcases the natural beauty of the wood, the fine hand-crafted details, combined with state-of-the-art technology to produce superior cabinetry for your kitchen.

Cabinetry Style

kitchen-rosen-07Cabinet doors provide the greatest nuances of expression. Doors come in a wide variety of designs and settings, can be accented with color and hardware. Designing a custom kitchen with Elite Kitchen starts with selecting the right frame type for your remodel.

Full Overlay

With full overlay cabinets, cabinet doors are crafted to cover the most if not the entire frame to create a seamless, modern look.

Partial Overlay

Partial-overlay cabinet doors cover the cabinet frame by half an inch. This style leaves a portion of the frame visible and creates a traditional style that is often a more affordable option.

Full Inset

Full-inset cabinets have drawers and doors that are flush with the cabinet frame. This technique requires patience and precision during construction, therefore full inset cabinets are usually available only in custom cabinetry.

Visit our kitchen design showroom, view cabinet examples in our kitchen remodeling portfolio or contact us to arrange a consultation.


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