The Benefits of Visiting a Kitchen and Bath Showroom

kitchen and bath showroom

Visiting a showroom is a great first step to your project.

Are you thinking about getting a bath or kitchen remodel in Potomac? Visiting a kitchen and bath showroom is a great first step to get your project started off on the right foot. You can see what appliances, cabinets, and other features look like in person, which can help you make important design choices for your kitchen or bathroom. Getting to stroll through the kitchen and bath showroom with your designer also helps us to get a feel for your particular tastes and what sort of features you’re looking for before your project even begins. Here are a few other major benefits of visiting a kitchen and bath showroom before your bath or kitchen remodel in Potomac.

Get a Look at the Real Deal

There’s a difference between looking at something on your computer screen or in a magazine and actually seeing it in person. There are so many elements that affect how you may like a certain feature, including:

  • Lighting: Perhaps the countertops on your computer look different than you thought in a different lighting. Getting to see kitchen or bath features in a showroom allows you to see every small detail.
  • Function: Perhaps you’re in love with an appliance but as soon as you see it in person you no longer like it. This happens a lot; getting to interact with an appliance or other feature in person lets you get a feel for how it will function in your home. Perhaps the doors of the refrigerator you were thinking of getting are too difficult for small children to open. Or you may see a different appliance in the kitchen and bath showroom that you like a lot more than the one you were originally thinking of getting.
  • Feel: Getting to feel the materials you will have installed makes a big difference. Texture is important, especially in bathrooms. You may find that the tiles you were thinking of having installed in your bathroom have a rougher surface than you had wanted. Getting to test out how materials feel, function, and look makes a big difference.

Talk to Knowledgeable Designers

Your designer is your personal resource for finding all of the best appliances, lighting, cabinetry, and other features. You designer first visits your space to see what you have to work with and what can be improved. When visiting the kitchen and bath showroom with your designer, they can point out which materials and features they think will work best in your space. With impeccable taste and style, you’ll get all of the best recommendations for your personal kitchen or bathroom.

Because your designer has several years of experience and is in tune with the home design industry, they can also let you know about the latest trends and innovation in home design. A designer has a depth of knowledge about any particular item that you simply won’t be able to match by researching an item online. This makes your designer an invaluable resource you can utilize during your kitchen remodel in Potomac.


Whether you’re looking for a remodel or an update, talk to one of our experts at Elite Kitchens about building your dream timeless bathroom remodel. With our excellent designers, installation process, and quality craftsmen, it’ll be the best investment you’ve made in your home. Contact us online, by calling 301-881-2776, or email us for a free estimate and assessment of your needs. All of our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to meeting your remodeling needs for years to come! To see examples of our work and get more tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Houzz, and Pinterest.



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