An Inspired Northwest Washington Kitchen

Kitchen Design

This kitchen utilizes contrasting colors and textures, punctuated with bursts of bright color, to produce a pop-art-influenced atmosphere.

This kitchen is an excellent example of the difference that high quality services and products can make. Our in-house designer Nadia Wall worked with the clients to create this unique and inspiring kitchen.

Designed with the Client in Mind

The kitchen is designed with the family’s interests and hobbies front and center; the clients have a deep love of pop art, which is evident from the final design of the kitchen. Ms. Wall used several of the client’s personal pop art prints as an inspirational jumping off point. She chose contrasting materials and colors, accompanied by bright bursts of color, to insinuate the elements of a pop art painting in the kitchen. The clients are also passionate about cooking and entertaining guests, so the kitchen was designed with the “wow factor” in mind for the guests, as well as still being functional and practical for the chef.

A Kitchen like No Other

Kitchen Design

The deep Prussian blue contrasts with the bright orange accents.

The clients began the project with two things: the idea for a pop art-inspired kitchen and a wall-mounted, paprika-colored display cabinet that they had bought from Theodor’s. The bright paprika display cabinet already offered a single bright pop of color for the kitchen. Ms. Wall was inspired by the display cabinet to provide a second, complimentary burst of color for the kitchen in the form of the linear saffron-colored display cut-outs. For contrast, she painted the glass cabinets of the kitchen island a deep, Prussian blue. After settling on those bright accent colors, Ms. Wall moved on to choosing the right contrasting material for the rest of the kitchen. The island is created with Leicht brand matte finish cabinetry and topped with the polished surface of a Caesarstone brand quartz countertop in London Grey. Finally, the contrasting textures of the matte lacquer of the Leicht cabinets and the polished quartz of the countertop are culminated in the kitchen’s backsplash walls, which mix both elements of marble and glass. Finished off with a light fixture that offers contrasting roundness and curves for the sharp corners and shelves, this kitchen is truly a unique pop art masterpiece in and of itself.

When asked about her experience working with this kitchen, Ms. Wall said that she felt “lucky in that the clients were both open to doing something so bold and exciting. They really challenged me to come up with unique material combinations. The entire space exceeded expectations.” Our in-house designers find joy in helping their clients design the perfect kitchen of their dreams. When you work with Elite Kitchens on your kitchen remodel, you will be in love with the results!

Elite Kitchens

Since 1993, Elite Kitchens has been the premiere remodeling company for the DC Metro area. We’re your source for quality, brand-name European cabinetry, including the highly-rated Leicht brand cabinetry. We can help you every step of the way, with trained, in-house designers to high-class cabinetry to experienced installers. We take strides to maintain our excellent reputation by putting an emphasis on the quality of our products and the care of our services for each and every client. This is why we’re a “word of mouth” company. No advertisements, no frills, just old-fashioned, quality craftsmanship. That’s what makes us “The Recommended Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler”!

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